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Discovering the Treasures of the Journey

Praxis One is not concerned with quick fixes, “flavor of the month” trends, or unsustainable short term gains. Its purpose is to create pathways toward developing policy, producing research, and using practicable techniques to create intentional, human-centered cultures that will improve peoples’ lives. Praxis One is about learning new methods of integrating innovative thinking and practices into work plans to produce demonstrable results.

You will bring treasures home from Praxis One — usable material that will make a difference to you and your workplace. But, you will be expected to give as well as take. You must pledge to use your “treasures” upon your return, to “plant” the ideas in your home soil and nurture them to produce change in the world.

Praxis One is limited to 350 risk takers who will make a commitment to carry the work forth into their respective communities. Since “Invited Expeditioners” may have colleagues who can benefit from the experience, they can “host” up to two guest Expeditioners.