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A Secure Harbor for Exploring and Forging Connections

The brainchild of healthcare visionary Wayne Ruga and The CARITAS Project, Praxis One was conceived as a trans-disciplinary gathering of pioneers who have the courage to use their diverse, sometimes disparate, expertise and experience to develop strategies to create environments that improve people’s lives.

A new community of global leaders will emerge from Praxis One with fresh understandings and bold solutions. These leaders will work together to find answers to the critical questions we face as a human society:

• What role does culture play in creating social and physical environments that have respect for human dignity at their very core?
• Is the current state of healthcare delivery a crucial human rights issue?
• Could more sustainable systemic solutions be found within the domain of “human technologies?”
• How can we create a supportive learning community to enable each one of us to be more effective in our leadership roles?