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  Founding Advisory Board

Currently residing in Manchester, England, Wayne is working on a three-year research fellowship for his doctoral studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University. His research, which he hopes will demonstrate the ideals of The CARITAS Project in practice, is focusing on investigating and documenting the creation of an intentional human-centered culture in a primary care center located in a disadvantaged area of Manchester. Wayne also plans to demonstrate, through an action learning/research approach the consequential influence of the culturally-inspired environment on the possibility of increasing the capacity for human health.

Wayne is a highly sought after public speaker and has given scores of lectures at major universities and professional meetings worldwide. A prolific author, he has had dozens of articles published, has had his work recognized in books written by his peers, and has been featured in more than 50 professional, trade, and consumer publications.

Wayne received his professional training as an artist, interior designer and architect. He holds a specialized Master of Architecture degree in healthcare facility planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been employed by internationally recognized firms in New York, London, Atlanta and San Francisco, in addition to maintaining his private architectural practice since 1981. In this capacity he has designed projects around the world.